Submissions to RFM are Now Open

Rural Fiction Magazine (RFM) is seeking high-quality fiction and poetry that explores the beauty and drama of rural life. RFM is willing to look at any genre (horror, fantasy, noir, mystery, thriller, adventure, etc.) so long as it has a rural setting and addresses topics or themes of interest to people in rural areas. As someone once said, all stories are ultimately about people, genre is secondary. Submissions can be stories involving hunting, fishing, farming, wildlife, farm animals, camping, small town politics, working in the outdoors, or anything that would interest people in a rural community, but ultimately the stories must be about people.

Use to query and to submit. Everything must be submitted by e-mail either in the body of the e-mail or a Word document (.doc or .docx) preferably in standard manuscript format.

Although RFM expects the vast majority of submissions to be set in the US, I am not adverse to seeing works set in rural areas of other nations. This is going out over the Internet. People all over the world will be able to read the stories published here, be they from Canada, England, Mexico, Tahiti, Japan, Malaysia, Uzbekistan, or wherever. A sampling of rural cultures worldwide would be terrific. Note that one of the stories published to date is from New Zealand.

For the foreseeable future, RFM will publish submissions on an individual basis as they are accepted. Stories and poems will be published two Fridays after acceptance. For example, if your story is accepted on a Thursday, the next day will be the first Friday and the following one the second when your piece will appear. The author will be notified of its publication date upon acceptance so that the story can be publicized. Hopefully, before long RFM can publish regular (monthly is the initial concept) issues.

RFM is also accepting examples of oral storytelling. Go to the Storytelling page for more details. Submissions of oral stories should follow the same guidelines as for other stories.

Please note: there is no pay for any submission at this time. Maybe this will change sometime in the hopefully not too distant future, but for now, RFM does not pay.

However, the writer retains all rights to his/her work. Once it’s published here, you can reprint it wherever you like, whenever you like, as often as you like.


The upper word limit is 5.000. There is no minimum. If you can write a story in six words like (allegedly) Hemingway’s “Baby Shoes”, send it. Please put the word count in the upper right corner of your submission.

It helps if you put RFM or RFM Submission in the subject line of your e-mail.

Please keep profanity to an absolute minimum. RFM is trying to reach the widest audience possible. Obscenities will turn away many people. Remember the old adage that for every obscenity a writer uses, he/she loses a reader.

Please use Standard Manuscript Format. This makes it a lot easier for me, the editor, to read your work, and the easier you make my life for me, the better the chance you have of being published. I won’t be holding to this religiously, but if you turn in an experimental piece that I have to figure out what is going on…well…which would be easier: to burn up my time trying to decipher some obscure format or to simply reject it?

There is no submission fee or submission period. RFM accepts submissions 24/7/365 from the US or from any corner of the globe.

Please attach a short bio of 50 words or less. It may include your website, twitter handle, or any other social media identification you like. If you haven’t written one before, look at the author’s bios in almost any respected literary magazine. A good place to start is at The Chamber Magazine.

Please submit only one work at a time. Once you have submitted, please wait until you have heard about that submission before submitting more.

I will take simultaneous submissions but be professional and withdraw your work if it has been accepted elsewhere before being published here.

I reserve the editorial rights necessary to make minor changes needed for clarity (such as obvious typos and misspellings). I will never make revisions or major edits. It’s much simpler and easier to just reject the work or ask for a rewrite (if the work is particularly good). The less editing or formatting I must do, the more likely you are to be accepted. Be professional.

I will try to respond to submissions as quickly as possible, but please allow a couple of weeks before querying about your article/story. This will depend on the backlog of submissions and other factors.

Gratuitous sex, extreme violence, violence to children, rape, and anything else that offends my personal sensibilities or anything that skirts the boundaries of the law will not be published.

Pseudonyms are fine, but please state them as the byline and include your actual name and contact info in the top left of the first page of the submission per standard manuscript format.

Do not send fan fiction.

Always re-check the guidelines before submitting. I may change them without prior notice.

Remember: send questions, queries, and submissions to