What we term fiction today is one of the current forms of the ancient storytelling tradition. Storytelling has been around since before the invention of writing. In fact, storytelling has probably existed since humans first developed the ability to speak. Most, if not all, cultures have some tradition of storytelling, which for most of human history was the only way to communicate and preserve concepts, experiences, and a culture’s history before the advent of writing. In some modern cultures, oral storytelling has developed into an art form. Oral storytelling competitions and organizations keeping the tradition alive are prevalent in many areas today including in many rural and agrarian societies where it is an important and intricate part of the traditional culture.

For these reasons, Rural Fiction Magazine is veering off the usual course for a literary magazine and will accept submissions of traditionally oral stories. These can include stories that have been passed from generation to generation, folklore, tall tales, stories told around a campfire, and any other type of story which has traditionally been circulated with the voice. These stories may be on any subject but should be an example of the oral storytelling tradition. They may be written or submitted as a video or podcast or in any medium that reflects the oral storytelling tradition.

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